RejuvaFlex Arthritis Pain Cream Now Back in Stock

Men and women who are looking for a powerful joint pain cream can now return to and purchase Universal Body Labs patent pending RejuvaFlex pain cream, now that manufacturer has replenished stock that was temporarily sold out due to greater-than-expected levels of demand.

Universal Body Labs patent pending RejuvaFlex is the most powerful joint pain available without a prescription, and is guaranteed to help men and women live their daily lives pain free or they can receive their money back. Its special formulation was developed through over 120 scientific studies, and contains a powerful combination of essential oils, DMSO and Hemp Oil to effectively turn off the bodies pain switch.

What makes RejuvaFlex Pain Cream so different from other pain creams and why it is so popular and well-reviewed — is that attacks the problem of joint pain and muscle aches in two ways, commented a spokesperson from Universal Body Labs.  First it uses DMSO to penetrate the affected area to deliver inflammation fighting ingredients where it is needed most.  Most users felt a release of pain within the first 47 seconds. Second, it provides a proprietary formulation of essential oils and CBD that have been clinically proven to lessen the effects of arthritis, joint pain and muscle aches, which is a welcome change from having limited mobility due to pain.  Delivered in a roll-on, these two factors combine to create a guaranteed joint pain relieving solution that is helping people who have been struggling with joint and muscle pain and allowing them to return to their active lives.

Universal Body Labs’ patent pending RejuvaFlex pain is available for purchase from at Each 3 ounce bottle sells for $19.99, which is 34% off the list price of$29.99.

For a limited time, new customers can use the RejuvaFlex coupon code of REJUVAPAIN for a 25% discount when checking out on Amazon.

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